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We live in what we believe is one of the most beautiful and soul enriching places in Perth – the Hills. But it's just not the serene surroundings that make the Hills, it's the people that live here too.

You will find Hills people are normally never afraid or too busy to say hello, offer a smile for no reason or just give a helping hand and expect nothing in return. It's this love of life and community spirit that makes Hill's life so enjoyable and fulfilling.

The birth of Provincial Real Estate is to emulate just that, the environment we live in. Provincial Real Estate is not here just to sell homes we are here to serve our community, educate and guide you in the right direction.

Provincial Real Estate's beliefs and values are centred on you and we want you to always feel at home when you need us. We don't see our agency as an office we see it as a home for our community who want friendly, informative and no obligation service and advice.

'the home of new beginnings'

VIPP: Very Important Provincial Person...